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Play With Fire

Leave the world charred and broken

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Play is an avid procrastinator who can put off anything she puts her mind to. During procrastination breaks she can be found writing a novel about a couple of boys with a myriad of unusual problems.

Play is incapable of going a week without fully planning out (and often starting) three new novels that she will never in a million years find the time to write.

She likes many bands including, but not limited to, Brand New, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jimmy Eat World, Linkin Park, Boyce Avenue.

Bizaarly, Play regularly thinks about herself in the third person (It's weird, don't try it) and seems to occasionally write about herself that way too.

If she starts blathering about her novels she can usually be stunned by a blow to the head or a basic sleep drug.

She can be found lurking around Marmalde_fish, the LJ community and the chatroom largely due to her unholy obsession with The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan.

She's bored of typing now.
I blame Lal.
brand new, chat, cming, drums, eating, fic, foruming, i blame lal, listening to music, mailfish, marmalade_fish, marmfish, reading, sarah rees brennan, scott!, tdl, writing